The judges making a difference!

April 6, 2019


Groomer is the foundation of the show world. The work of Groomer must not be underestimated. Groomer can be a trained owner or a proffesional educated groomer. The judges understand from the first contact whether the dog is groomed, simply cleaned or just ran out of the home garden.

Grooming can dramatically ruin the performance of the exhibition or reset it to the excellent. Of course, the representatives of the long fur breeds are preferred, but the shiny coat with short fur and the cut nails create a first impression for the judge. If the groomer takes in account on the dog’s anatomy and hair grooming, it will highlight the dog’s goodness and hide the mistakes Then call it professionalism, not cheating. The task of a skilled judge is to find out the ideal, but certainly every judge agrees that it is beautiful to look flickering, puffy, silky dog coat. It looks and is ideal. Also, it’s nice to touch a clean and tidy dog.

The knowledge of a smart groomer is vital to the show dog, because here the person is responsible for the dog’s appearance and health. Overly careless tool or an inexperienced scissors should not be used on the dog. The experienced groomers are prestigious and recognized representatives of show dogs.

EFYL design highly appreciates the work of groomers and therefore we have developed EFYL design groomer products. We want the presentation of the groomers to be excellent. Our aim is that groomer will think 100% on grooming without thinking on if their clothes – will they get wet or fur gets stuck on or limit ther moveability.