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The customer hereby gives the Web store the right to use certain personal information. Information that is provided while performing a purchase is collected by the Web store in order to fulfill the customer order and to develop the service provided to the customer.


Web store transmits payment information to Maksekeskus AS. 


Web store may collect the following data: Customer’s name, company name (when applicable), address, e-mail, phone number, payment method and purchased product information (including size).


Web store may forward the customer’s personal information regarding the delivery of the Product to the chosen delivery company.


Customer’s personal information is protected by all security measures required by law. Web store will not forward the personal information to any third parties, unless it is obligatory under the law.


The customer has the right to control all personal information related to the customer and ask Web store to change personal information.


The Web store may send the customer special offers, newsletters and questionnaires via the email provided upon placing the order if the customer agrees to this.


Liability and Force Majeure


The Web store and the customer are mutually liable for any damage caused to another party by not complying to the present terms in amount and in cases provided for by the applicable European Union legislative acts unless the damage incurred is be caused by circumstances beyond the control and could not have possibly foreseen (Force Majeure).


The Web store liability connected to any products acquired through the Web Store is strictly limited to the buying price of the products.


Any links to other websites which are not operated by the Web store is out of our control and we accept no responsibility for them.

Governing Law

All matters not covered by the present terms are to be resolved based on the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

All the disputes between the customers and Moevabrik OÜ regarding ordering and buying products from the Web store are to be resolved by negotiations. Should the compromise not be reached, the Parties have the right to turn to Customer Protection Department or Harju Maakohus (Harju County Court) in order to protect their rights.