EFYL  showwear-  prepares tailor work for dog show handler. Someone who conditions and shows dogs in shows. Handler’s job is to make sure the dog is presented in best possible way. Handler’s outfit has to create a whole without over shining the appearance of the dog. As well as looking presentable, the outfit has to be comfortable, not too tight or revealing. It has to allow the handler to move around easily and run with the dog. Materials should be easily cleanable from for example dog hair and non-creasing. We design and manufacture our products in Europe. All pieces  have only a few copies.

EFYL grooming make proffessional work clothes for groomers. For  manufacturing we use water-repellent and breathable materials to make garments. EFYL Groomer clothing is comfortable, practical and stylish.

EFYL Sports manufactures clothes for trainers and handlers of dog sports and training.


EFYL team

Pille Viigipuu- product and production manager. Pille is a professional clothing constructor she knows everything about products and production. Her excellent material perception gives the Efyl brand the quality and the perfect look.

Margrit Malva- Sales and marketing manager. She is a big fan of the dog world and dog people. She gets and gathers inpiration from real professionals to create the  bridge  and communication between EFYL production and dog people all over the world.